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In the fold of Athens, in the centre of the city that shaped western civilisation, an arm’s reach from the miracle of Parthenon and the contemporary Acropolis Museum, Acropolis View offers its guests high standard hospitality and services.

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you are in Athens, the landmark of the 5th Century B.C greatness. The capital that hosts the Acropolis Museum with the Parthenon masterpieces. Your are in the modern city with myriads of shops selling brand names and traditional products. Athens, the city that knows how to amuse and entertain...

You are in Acropolis View, the hotel that is located a stone’s throw away from the most important monuments of the ancient city.

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Plan the day to start your own journey into history. Only a few steps stand between you and the Golden Age of Pericles and the Acropolis of Athens. read more

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Athens at your feet. The historical centre of Athens with the ruins of the Ancient City that still inspires and touches people deeply, the history of Greek civilisation that was imparted to the West, are right in front of you awaiting to be explored, to touch you, to be etched forever in your mind and soul. read more

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Acropolis View becomes your hotel in Athens, your base for living, tasting, enjoying, collecting life experiences...read more


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